Magnifier Plus - Magnifying Glass with Flashlight




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April 18, 2019



Requires Android

Varies with device


Varies with device

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Are you tired of trying to read labels with tiny fonts? Now you can use your Android device as the perfect digital magnifier!

No need to use a magnifying glass to read small labels--this app lets you see the text, large and clear.

The magnifier has onscreen zoom and lighting controls for easy operation. You can also use the flash as a light to get a brighter image, plus negative mode inverts the colors so you can see this differently when they're hard to see.

There is also a 'freeze' functionality that will help yousee images more comfortably. Once you freeze the image, you can save or share it.

Key features:

High magnification factor

Zoom and Exposure controls

Flashlight for low light situations

Negative mode

Freeze image feature

Save and share images

Great image visibility

Easy to use!

Try this app now and stop worrying about text you can't read!


The quality of the image is directly related with the quality of the camera of your device. Also the functionality offered is subject to the hardware capabilities of the camera. For example, some devices doesn't have zoom, flash or auto focus.