Portrait Photo Jutta

Gallery - Rita

My late aunt Rita had quite a lot of talents.
One of them was paper cutting. So she made these beautiful paper cuts somewhen in the 1950s and 1960s. ...

Papercut. Fish-in-fish-in-fish. Eye of onw fis is fin of another fish or head of one is body of anther and so on
Papercut. Tiger in hunting position
Papercut. Tiger about to jump

Gallery - Jutta

I don't have that fine touch with my spray paintings. ...

Spray. Mirror and Side Table
Spray.  Triplet - 3 similar pictues with dirfferent backgroud colors: red, blue, yellow
Spray. Gllomy Mood. Dark colors with few light spots.
Spray. Desert Phantasy.  3 pictures, reddish-brown bottom blending over to concrete-like beige spray, eeach of them with a different phantasy symbol
Spray. Growing.  2 asymmetrically placed pictures, Looks like a plant growing from a seed in a reddish-brown base
Spray. Mirror Framed. Small spray pictures in warm colors and a feathery pattern placed on to and below a mirror.
Spray. Wall Filling Assembly. 3 mirrors and 5 spray pictures, each of them in a different base color - blue, orange, dark red, lighter red, leighter blue - and a feathery pattern, placed asymmetrically on a slanted wall board
Spray. Drops Balloons - red, yellow and blue balloons leaking color; placed upside down
Spray. Drops Balloons  in Room on adjectant walls with mirror cabinets inbetween
Spray, Balloon Drops - red, yellow and blue balloons leaking color; placed balloons up

Jutta Miroiu-Dunker