Visually Impaired in a Visual World

Being a visually impaired person, I am trying to cope with the situation and convey some personal experience and ideas to VIPs and non-VIPs, their family and friends.

My mother and I are suffering from a progressing, hereditary form of macular degeneration, to be more precise, it is a macular dystrophy, which leads to loss of central vision.  

The picture shows a bridge with distorted lines, as it might typically appear for people with macular problems (often AMD).
Wheras this bridge might still look like this for my mum, I would have difficulties to see it at all and probably think, I have to take a boat or swim to the other side... 

(Well, being serious, but let's also try to keep the spirits up.)

Bridge with distorted lines as a person with macular degeneration might see it

"Is this how you see?"

Sam Seavey from The Blind Life
made a very good video about "how I see".

My Story

Funny and not so funny situations due to visual impairment.

Here I described my personal experience...

My Blog

I'll try to look at things differently, think "out of the box" and to find solutions for what I thought there weren't any - all with a bit of humor. 

Inspired by my late aunt, I called my personal project RitA – Read It Through Apps...

My RitA Projects

I'll gathere some maybe useful apps, tips & tricks, and gadgets.

I will also share some other ideas and projects.

To explore them, continue reading...

Jutta Miroiu-Dunker