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Smartphone Apps for Visually Impaiared

App suggestions for visually impaired people

End of 2017 I started to search for various types of apps that might help to make information more accessible.  I started searching in Google Play and in other resources on the Internet in various categories:

  • Announcers - Notifications, text messages, social messages, time, caller ID, etc.
  • Magnifiers - Magnifying glasses and/or mirror
  • Readers - Screen Reader and Document Reader apps.
  • Text Recognition - Text Regognition and Handwriting Recognition
  • Object Recognition -  Object and Face Recognition
  • Speakting QR Codes - QR Code Generators and Sanners
  • Various Apps - Dialers, Lauchers, etc

    and I even looked into 

  • Smart Glasses for VIP

Apps Overvieww 

This searchable table contains various apps with their respective categories.

App NameCategorySubCategoryUpdated
  @Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader)ReaderDocument Reader15.06.2019
  Auto SpeakerGeneralGeneral15.06.2019
  CamScanner -Scanner to scan PDFText RecognitionText OCR15.06.2019
  Envision AIRecognitionTexxt, Object, Faces, Scene Recognition15.06.2019
  GooglesRecognitionObject Recognition15.06.2019
  I2S OCR - Image to SpeechRecognitionPicture Recognition15.06.2019
  IDEAL Talking TagNFC TagsWrite, Read aloud15.06.2019
  Labeler - sound tags for the visually impairedQR CodesWirte, Audio, Read15.06.2019
  LabelJoyQR Codes_PCGenerator15.06.2019
  Magnifier &s; Microscope [Cozy]MagnifierMagnifier15.06.2019
  Magnifier Plus - Magnifying Glass with FlashlightMagnifierMagnifier15.06.2019
  Magnifying Glass + FlashlightMagnifierMagnifier15.06.2019
  NFC TasksNFC TagsRead, Execute15.06.2019
  NFC Tools - Pro EditionNFC TagsWrite, Read15.06.2019
  QR Code GeneratorQR Codes_WebGenerator15.06.2019
  QR SpeechQR CodesRead aloud15.06.2019
  QRTalkQR CodesMessaging Encryption15.06.2019
  QRvox Voice ValetQR CodesRead aloud15.06.2019
  QRvox: GeneratorQR Codes_WebGenerator15.06.2019
  Saiy - Voice Command AssistantVoice CommandVoice Command15.06.2019
  ScanQR CodesScan Read15.06.2019
  ShinePlusReaderScreen Reader15.06.2019
  Speaking Clock: TellMeTheTimeAnnouncerTime15.06.2019
  Speech CodeQR CodesRead aloud15.06.2019
  Speech Code: GeneratorQR Codes_WebGenerator15.06.2019
  Talking Caller IDAnnouncerCalls15.06.2019
  Talking ClockAnnouncerTime15.06.2019
  Talking QR Reader (free)QR CodesRead aloud15.06.2019
  Text Scanner [OCR]Text RecognitionText OCR15.06.2019
  The ReaderReaderDocument Reader15.06.2019
  Voice NotificationAnnouncerGeneral15.06.2019
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Devices used for Evaluation

Where possible, I tried the apps mentioned on the following phones:


Huawei MediaPad X2 – Android 5.0.1


Huawei P smart 2019 – Android 9


 Huawei P6 – Android 4.2

Source of information
Information on existing apps and systems are taken from various sources on the Internet
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