QR Code Bug

QR Code Revival

Speaking QR Codes are so powerful

Some ideas how and where to use speaking QR Codes as well as sources how to generate and scan them. 

What was I looking for?

Main focus of this journey into the Android world of apps was related to reading.

(Probably not only for visually impaired people but even people who "just need reading glasses" or people with dyslexia, etc.)

Magnification is essential

Thanks to Androids Accessibility features, the screen magnification is already of great help. Combined with a magnifier app, it becomes already even more useful.

Text-to-Speech is so much help …

Fortunately, TTS is getting better and better, and helps a lot reading on-screen or captured texts.

BUT here must be more …

Thinking of hints to help in everyday life, I came across QR Codes and NFC Tags. 

Even though the idea of QR Codes(Quick Response Codes) is rather old, it seems it has mainly been used for marketing purposes rather than for improving people's lives. 

NFC Tags (Near Field Communication) is getting more popular theses days and more and more phones are equipped with the required technology. 

Both of them have enormous potential to help VIPs and other people, and I will just mention a few at t his stage.

Initial Driver:
Private Use Cases

  • Identify
    Many medicine packaging look so much alike, and Red Beans and Red Cabbage cans look so similar, and Spices in the kitchen come in very similar containers, and Portable Disks need to be identified.
    I tried labeling them with QR Code stickers . It works !
  • Automate
    Need to call a specific number – Write an NFC tag and just touch it with your phone – call is placed ;)

The Idea

This "private need" grew into wild ideas. 

Wouldn't it be great ..

  • ... for VIP (and, of course) other people to gain more and quicker access to information?
  • ... to provide more safety and security too?
  • ... for VIPs to know the content and the instructions to use of their medicine?
  • ... to have an idea what a letter is about before having a stranger to read it to you?
  • ... to have these codes on as many items as possible around you?

Make The World More Accessible …

… by having these codes around us, and let's develop a way to create them effectively and securely without compromising data, i.e. the ability to produce them offline.

And let's think about hout to spread the idea and make it happen everywhere.

Let our smartphones be our best eye.

QR Codes

NFC Tags

Use Case Examples

Public Access

Scan QR Code and get information and directions.


Text on QR Code:

Primary Care - go straight ahead
Lab - go straight ahead
Nephfology Clinic - go left
Rehabilitation - go left
Imaging - go left
Orthopedics- go left
Community room- go right 


Scan QR Code and get information on routs, directions and schedule.


Text on QR Code:

Route TD10: From Valletta to Marsaxlokk (Sundays only)
This route operates on the following Bus Stops: Valletta A6 / Xerriex (Stop here to get to Marsaxlokk Market)
First Bus departing from Valletta: 09:15
Last Bus departing from Valletta: 11:15
Frequency: Every half hour
First Bus departing from Marsaxlokk: 13:15
Last Bus departing from Marsaxlokk: 16:15
Frequency: Every half hour 


Scan QR Code and get information about content of forms or letters.


Text on QR Code:

Application Form to be registered in the European Union Electoral Register as a
voter for the Election of Members of the European Parliament 

Healhcare / Home

Scan QR Code of medicine and get name and instructions how to take.


Text on QR Code:

Ramipril 5
½ - 0 - ½ 

Home / Household

Scan QR Code of cans instead of guessing the picture.


Text on QR Code:

Grüne Bohnen
(meaning "Green Beams"; here a German label for a change) 


Scan QR Code of almost identical HardDisks istead of trying to read badly handwritten or other labels.


Text on QR Code:



Scan QR Code of you language and get a the description read out loud.

Well, this I tried for fun at home ….

Text on QR Code:

Humus, purée de pois chiches
(here a French label for a change) 

Personal Information in your wallet

Scan QR Code and get information about personal data like, e.g., Emergency contact and medical history.


Text on QR Code:

Name: Maria Montana, Emergency Contact: Mario Montana (husband),
Mobile: +999 8885 7777
Medical History: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Pacemaker, etc... 

WiFi Access 

Scan QR Code and get connected to the respective WiFi networkk.
(in this case, I have to use the app "Scan", not "QR Soeecg")


Text on QR Code:



QR Codes

After downloading a QR Scanner app, any smartphone user can read the information in the QR Code. By just pointing the camera at the code.

Depending on their size, these Codes can take up to 4,296 alphanumerical characters in a standard QR Code.

Benefits for the end-user

Benefits for the end-user might include the following:

  • Immediate information on items of interest
  • increased independency

Benefits for the QR Code provider

Benefits for the QR Code provide might include the following:

  • Increased customer satisfaction/user experience by
  • Increased service quality
  • Reduced use of and costs for paper
  • Less human interaction required for answering questions

Target Group

There are 2 main target groups:

  • Smartphone users

    for example those who have
  • Visual impairment
  • Dyslexia
  • no knowledge of the language the information is provided in
  • amd basically everyone else

  • Various industries

    as well as private and governmental institutions, like
  • Museums, Galleries
  • Hotels, Restaurants
  • Shopping Malls
  • Health Care
  • Transport
  • Banks, Insurances, etc..
  • - basically any office …

Existing Apps / Software

QR Code Generators and QR Code Scanners.

Click Read More and enter QR in the search box of the page.

Tips & Tricks

Here I want to show some tips & ricks to make daily life a bit easer ...

Jutta Miroiu-Dunker